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- Garnesmus the Storyteller
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Renewing the Site

dargaizz, May 8, 12 10:01 PM.
After ignoring the site following the string of lost accounts, which we suspect was due to guildportal, we've decided to come back and bring the site up to date.

There will be some crazyness as far as site design and structure within the next week or two so please be patient.

I've created a stickied post on the forums under general concerning the status of our raids and would appreciate it if all raiders, present or future would take a look and leave some feedback.

September Raid Schedule

dargaizz, Sep 1, 11 9:18 AM.
Raid schedule has been updated for September. Please RSVP to save your spot.

Also, would like to schedule additional raids like BOT sometime during the week. Need input on possible days and times. You can find this discussion on the forums in the raid section.

Guild Ranks

dargaizz, May 10, 11 3:39 PM.
I made a few changes today to better keep the guild organized and make it easier to see how many members we actually have.

Rank System is as follows:

Admin - Myself, Draenora and Lewferigno
Member* - General members who have an Authenticator. These members have extended vault access. This is also a trusted rank.
Member - General members who don't have an Authenticator or who we just don't trust not to rape the guild vault.
New Member - Self explanatory.

All main characters have "-Main-" in their note and all alts have the name of the player's main in their note. This makes it easy to see who is online and how much of our guild is actually mains over alts in the guild roster. 

This has only really changed the look and feel of the rank system and has made it easier on me to handle, nothing as far as authority or guild control has changed at all.

(edited for typo)
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